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Several years have passed since dungeons appeared all over the world. Hunters, who are essential for dungeon conquest, have been using their unique abilities and skills to excel in their respective jobs. Among them, the weakest and most criticized job is “Jobless.” With no quirks or outstanding abilities, they are not recognized as full-fledged hunters. However, Meguru, who has climbed to become the top S-class hunter with such a job, challenges the most challenging dungeon, known as the Sky Dungeon.

Working together with other S-class hunters, Meguru finally thinks he has defeated the boss, only to be stabbed in the back with a sword. He was betrayed by the other S-class hunters. His sister Kanna is also killed before his eyes, and Meguru breathes his last breath.

“I will never forgive them. I’ll kill every last one of them…!”

His obsession leads him to be reborn.

In his new life, he meets a young girl who’s the splitting image of Kanna. He’s Jobless, just like in his previous life.

With knowledge from his past life and innate power, Meguru overwhelms others with ease. He starts aiming to conquer the dungeon once again to seek revenge.