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When I came to, I was a goblin.
I was reincarnated as the lowest rank monster in a state of the art VRMMO game. After persevering through the tumultuous life of a goblin with my little goblin sister Lily, I was killed in an invasion conducted by the hero.
Why did I have to die such a pitiful death after I’d been reincarnated…?
… No, you must not die yet.
At the brink of death, I was brought back to life by the Goblin Goddess.
She revived me because she had chosen me to be the “Strongest, Unparalleled Goblin”.
She gifted me with the skills “Dark Element MAX”, “Ability to Cast All Dark Spells” and “Ability to Summon All Great Goblin Spirits of the Past”.
They’re like, SSS-rank skills, right?!
The power to destroy all the high-rank demons who had discriminated against me and all the giant monsters who treated me like trash.
I’ll also kick the demon lord’s and the hero’s asses and become the goblin messiah!