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Just Because My Apprentice Is the Strongest, Doesn’t Mean I’m Strong Too! Average 3 / 5 out of 2
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His name is Van Cromwell,
And he’s known by many names.
“The legendary S-rank adventurer”, “The master of the ‘Witch of Disaster’”, “The Hero”, “The world’s strongest magician”…
But his true identity is just your average guy who can only use a bit of magic?!
With the fame gained from a misunderstanding, superhuman foes and incredibly difficult quests follow… Both of which would be impossible for your average guy. And if they ever discover that he’s a fraud, he’ll be sentenced to death!
And yet that average guy decided to stick with the lie of being a hero, all for the sake of a single girl, “The Witch of Disaster”.
…He has no talent, he’s painfully aware of that
…But he knows how geniuses fight.
He also knows how to rile them up and identify their weak points.
And so, Van fights. Through wit and planning, traps and swindles, he deceives everyone, including the girl for whose sake he’s doing it all for.
And Van will keep on winning
Until the day he rises up from the fake “Strongest” to the real “strongest”…