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“The first S-class Awakened, a reality as a third-rate student?! In the 21st century, the genre of the world is ‘fantasy’. In a South Korea filled with despair, ‘S-class’ has descended!

‘Magician King Jo’! -God Jo… King Jo… Who are you… -Who could it be?? The true identity of the prophet who has clung to mysticism for 10 years?

Her profession. Third-rate student. Unable to make outgoing calls due to her mother’s anger. On the verge of being strangled and trapped in the abyss.

Leading a peaceful and ordinary life as Korea’s top unemployed person, however,

[ Rankings are changing ] [ Your current domestic ranking is 2nd place. ] [ ????? !!!!!!! ]

“I know who you are. Magician King. I am-” ‘Baek Dohyun’, a ‘regressor’, appears in front of Gyung Jio.

Will Gyung Jio, an S-class Munchkin ranker, be able to maintain her comfortable and lazy tyrant life, as her well-rolling life turns upside down into the position of the world’s savior?”